Double Major (Minor)


  • A. To fulfill various scholastic demands of education consumers
  • B. To adapt to diversified society and overcome the limits of specialized sectors or occupations
  • C. Breaking from department-oriented courses, building interdisciplinary thinking and opening minds and insights
  • D. Expand your academic horizon and job opportunities

Department (college) of acceptance

  • A. Double major: Within 50% of the entrance quota of the department (college) (separate notice)
  • B. Minor: no quota
  • C. Connected major: Majors connected with Wind Power, Public Talent, Ecological Environment and Housing Welfare (no quota)
  • D. Convergence major: Digital Forensic Major (no quota)


Students who have completed three semesters or more with 30 credit hours or more are eligible to apply for a second major and minor and students who have completed six semesters or more with 90 credit hours or more are eligible for a third major.
(Transfer students are required to complete 1 semester or more before applying for a second major)

Registration period: fixed time period every semester (May, November)

Delivery and registration place

  • A. Delivery location: department (college) office
  • B. Registration location: department (college) office of the major for which the applicant is applying

Application methods and required documents

  • A. How to apply
    Fill out a multiple major application form and get approval from the dean of the applicant’s major. Submit the form to the deans of the multiple majors.
  • B. Required documents: a copy of multiple major application form, a copy of transcript

Selection of applicants

  • A. selecting double major applicant
    Applicants shall be evaluated by GPA on the deadline date of application, but, where the number of applicants exceeds the quota for selection, applicants from the same department, those having a higher GPA, a higher number of credit hours, or a higher number of courses taken shall be prioritized in the above-mentioned order. The dean of the department can establish separate standards for applicant evaluation with the approval of the president, if necessary.
  • B. Selection of applicant for convergence-connected minor
    All applicants shall be accepted without a separate evaluation standards.


  • A. Fill out a multiple major application form and get approval from the dean of the applicant’s major. Submit the form to the dean of the major for which the applicant is applying.
  • B. The dean of the multiple major department shall screen and select applicants within the accepted quota and develop a list of the accepted applicants. Application forms of the convergent, connected majors shall be reviewed and transferred to the relevant convergence, connected-major and minor department deans.
  • C. The dean of the multiple major department reviews the documents submitted and reports the results to the president.
  • D. The president confirms the list and notifies the multiple major students.

Applicants Notice

  • A. Student can apply for one dual major; multiple submitted applications will be invalidated.
  • B. Submitted application forms are not changed or returned.
  • C. Contact Education Management Dept. (☏ 469-4123) or the relevant department office for more details.


  • A. Students with multiple majors should submit the multiple major diplomas verified by the relevant department deans to the relevant departments.
  • B. Students with double majors are required to take 36 credit hours for both the original major and the dual major with the mandatory credit hours for the dual major included and complete the total original major credit hours including the double major. In addition, they should pass their graduation thesis for both their original and dual major (applied to dual majors from the second semester of the academic year 2011).
  • C. Students taking a minor are required to take 21 credit hours for the relevant department (including mandatory credit hours when these exist).
  • D. Students who want to cancel multiple majors are required to have a confirmation by the relevant department dean within 4 weeks from the commencement of a semester. A written form of multiple major cancellation shall be submitted to the relevant department office.
  • E. Graduation shall be suspended until the required credits for the second major are acquired and when students cannot graduate from the first major, the above-stated will not be recognized. (Students seeking the postponement of graduation are required to submit a written graduation postponement application to the dean of the department before the end of the expected graduation semester).