Seasonal Sessions


To help students acquire additional credit hours required during breaks through seasonal sessions as they could not acquire the necessary credit hours during semester or they need additional credits for early graduation.

Duration of study

15 days in summer and winter breaks


Students who take undergraduate courses or are in the graduate school of education and who want to take a seasonal session
  • A. Students with excellent grades who want an early graduation
  • B. Students who want to re-take courses that they failed
  • C. Students who want to re-take the same class for a better grade
  • D. Others who want additional credit hours

Class demand survey and class opening

  • A. Classes to be opened: Cultural and major classes (except for arts and physical education department practice classes or intensive lecture classes)
  • B. Opening of class: class with the expected number of class takers exceeding 20 for undergraduate courses and 10 for graduate school of education as a result of the class demand survey.
  • C. Closing of class: fewer than 20 applicants for undergraduate courses, fewer than10 for graduate school of education
  • D. Demand survey method: total information system → service → student service → class → seasonal class demand survey

Class registration

  • A. Maximum credit hours: no more than 6 hours (class hours should not overlap)
  • B. Class registration: website → seasonal class registration (undergraduate/graduate course)
  • C. Payment: payment through student’s personal virtual account
  • D. Students who have registered for a class that is cancelled shall change classes during the change period or request a refund.

Tuition return

  • A. Closed class or classes cancelled before the commencement of a semester: full refund
  • B. Class cancellation before1/3 of total class days: 2/3 of tuition
  • C. Class cancellation after the 1/3 of total class days before 1/2: refund of 1/2 of tuition
  • D. After 1/2 of total class days required for class completion: no refund