Leave of Absence/ Return to School

Leave of Absence

A. General leave of absence
  • ① Cause: unable to continue study due to illness, home issues or other unavoidable causes
  • ② Period: within 2 semesters (1 year) (※ freshmen are required to take a semester before taking a leave of absence)
  • ③ Required documents
    - A copy of a leave of absence (consult with and get approval from professors and the dean and then from the department president for submission)
    - Illness: doctor’s written diagnosis of the need for 4 weeks or more recovery period
  • ④ Submission deadline: within 1/3 of class days of a semester (students are required to submit relevant documents when taking a leave of absence for unavoidable causes such as illness after 1/3 of the class days of a semester)
B. Leave of absence for military service
  • ① Reason: to enter the army due to military duty
  • ② Period: mandatory military service period
  • ③ Required documents
    - A copy of leave of absence
    - A copy of notice of enlistment
C. Leave of absence procedure
  • - Student who will take a leave of absence, parents (guardian), professor, and dean should consult and sign on a written form for a leave of absence and the written form should be confirmed by the dean of the department to which the student belongs and be submitted to the student management division located on the first floor of the university main building. (Confirmation by the dean is not needed if attaching a notice of enlistment)
D. Issues to be attended to
  • ① Students who are sent home due to disqualification after entering the military must immediately return to school or change to a general leave absence.
  • ② Students who desire a leave of absence due to military service after 3/4 of class days while attending class for more than 3/4 class days should draw up a written grade recognition application and take an early exam in the classes so that grades can be recognized. (Those who do not submit a written grade recognition application when applying for a leave of absence shall not have grades recognized)

Return to School

A. Period for Return
1 week before the commencement of the semester of return (those who are sent home after entering the military should return to school immediately)
B. Documents required
A copy of school return application (Students who take a leave of absence due to military service should submit a copy of a military discharge certificate or an abstract of resident registration (military information included).
C. Procedure
  • ① Students who return school for the following semester, go to the total information system – student service – leave of absence /school return management to apply for a return to school.
  • ② Students who want an early or late return should consult the office of student affairs on the 1st floor of the university main building and submit an application form and the required documents.
D. Notice
  • ① Returning students are recognized as attending class on the date of return (before this date, attendance will not be recognized, which deducts attendance grades)
  • ② Students who do not return after the expiration of the return period will be expelled.
  • ③ Reservist candidates should submit a reservist statement to the reservist office (F3 Main Building).
  • ④ Returning students must register for class and pay tuition.