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HASS College

HASS College consists of 13 departments in the fields of humanities, society, and art. It consists of humanities and social sciences departments which explore the culture, social order and history of human society, and the linguistics of its culture; social sciences departments which cultivate experts with social sciences knowledge and competence; and an art department and a venture start-up department that cultivate professionals who can use artistic knowledge and skills for exhibitions, performances, education, planning, and production, thus cultivating convergent and creative talents who can be active in various fields.

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ONSE College

ONSE College consists of two faculties (five majors) and sixteen departments in the fields of nature, ocean, and engineering. It consists of a marine science college, which is the only one in Jeollabuk-province, that empirically researches and develops the phenomena of Korea's water and marine industry and becomes a stepping tone for cultivating human resources in the marine and fisheries sectors; natural sciences departments that explore the nature and future value of science and cultivate convergent human resources based on basic science technology; and engineering departments that serve as a vision provider for national and regional strategic industries as a university located in the center of Saemangeum's industrial complex, thus cultivating engineers needed for industrial sites of the regions and the world.

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ICC Specialized College Department

The specialized faculties are accelerating the transformation of our university for change and innovation by expanding them from five specialized faculties, one department, seven majors based on the ICC(Industry-Community-Coupled Cooperation Center) in 2023 to sixteen specialized faculties and nineteen majors in 2024. In particular, the specialized faculties, which are an educational system that responds quickly to rapid changes in industries, are a core project of Kunsan National University for the great transformation to break down the boundaries between departments, between universities and communities, and between our country and overseas countries, and to seek mutual growth of the community and the university by establishing interactive and win-win value-based industry-university cooperation centered on university specialization, regional strategic industries, and specialized industries

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