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College of Humanities

The College of Humanities consists of departments whose research objects are language, literature, culture, history and, ultimately, universal truths and the value of life itself. The College of Humanities, which plays a key role in a liberal arts education, aims at cultivating competent men and women who will be able to contribute to our nation and society as well as enhancing the profound academic traditions of each department.

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College of Arts

As an advanced educational organization encompassing various art genres, the College of Arts produces experts who can exert individual artistic knowledge and talent in the areas of exhibition, performance, education, planning and production.

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College of Social Sciences

As one of the seven colleges in Kunsan National University that educates the talent required by various areas of our society, the College of Social Sciences aims to nurture professionals who are equipped with knowledge and outstanding capabilities in the social science areas.

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College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences aims to investigate fundamental principles and theories of nature and the universe through various methods and impart this knowledge to students in order to raise up competent persons with professional knowledge who will lead the next phase of civilization based on science. The College also aims to cultivate talented and well-educated individuals with professional knowledge who will contribute to the development of scientific technology by supporting the scientific principles and theories in other fields that apply them. The College provides students with a new curriculum that is composed of diversified and specialized education programs, and also offers an education and research environment based upon knowledge and technology in order for students to apply themselves actively in an information-oriented and knowledge-based society.

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College of Engineering

The College of Engineering extensively does its best to meet the needs of the times for Korea, which urgently needs a transition into highly technology-intensive industries, but with the narrow focus of producing the high-quality human resources needed in the Kunsan and Janghang region as a strategic industrial base. The College has been producing engineers with excellent on-the-job adjustment ability, as the four fields of studies obtained an objective certification about engineering education from ABEEK as the only university in the Honam Region; this includes the School of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Nano and Chemical Engineering and the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering.

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College of Ocean Science and Engineering

The College of Ocean Science and Technology aims to teach and research theories and skills necessary for the development of ocean science, and cultivate well-educated and competent experts. The College has many kinds of laboratories, fish farms, research and training plants for food processing and refrigeration, an engineering machine shop, flume tank laboratory, and training ship. These are used during practice hours so that students can have direct on-the-job experiences. In addition, the College has a Fisheries Science Institute, Marine Development Research Center, Saemangeum Environmental Research Center, Red Tide Research Center and Tidal Flat Research Center. Graduates are actively working in industrial circles related to fisheries and ocean science, graduate schools, research institutes and government offices. The College strives to enhance the competitiveness of fisheries and the ocean industry and to contribute to the community through practical research on all the phenomena of Korean fisheries and oceanic industry. We strive to become a bridgehead for cultivating competent specialists suited for the age of 21st century internationalization.

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College of Convergence Engineering

The College of Convergence Engineering reshuffled the curriculum to establish an industry-university convergence education and research system, while aiming to nurture talents equipped with creativity and innovative capabilities suitable for the future industrial demands of the region and the nation. The College conducts convergent education and research in which students can acquire future new technologies, production of convergence among various fields of engineering studies. We also established a high-end system that supports product production through creative capstone design using workstation computers and 3D printers in design factory spaces for the practical education required by businesses. In addition, we also carry out project-based education by providing long-term R&D internship programs and other on-the-job training opportunities in order to enhance student’s R&D work capabilities. To innovate convergence education research, we have performed various university-industry-related state-funded projects including the Industry-Connected Education Promotion Leader University Project (PRIME), Engineering Education Certification Project, Leading University in University-Industry Cooperation (LINC) Project, Industry-University Convergence District Creation Project, On-Site Technology Infrastructure Establishment Project, Local University Specialization Project, University-Industry Coupling Project, etc.

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Department of Free Major

Students of the Department of Free Major search for their own aptitudes and career paths while expanding their knowledge and experiences as required for university students for the first year without a major and then choose their major when entering their sophomore year.

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