Messages from the President

Smart KNU connects the world with humans
Greetings and sincere welcome to all who visit KNU!
With the 4th industrial revolution, universities have recently experienced the most rapid change of speed in the human history than ever before and are facing the social phenomenon named the cliff of school-age population caused by decreased birth rate. All universities in Korea meet the new kind of change and challenge called the transition of paradigm in higher education. Kunsan National University has seen through this change and made various efforts to be in advance of the current of times.
To cope with the new industrial demand and the change of social environment, KNU has cut the walls between the departments and managed various convergent and composite curriculums and programs. With the flexible administration of university affairs, KNU struggles on cultivation of practical talented personnel for the 21st century. KNU is making the university well balanced with research and education by securing the public character of higher education and protecting the basic sciences.
As you always do, KNU requests warm encouragement and support from you. KNU is growing as the renowned university in local community and promises to make a ‘notable change’ as a reliable partner of Korea.
Thank you very much!

President Kunsan National University

Kuack Byong-Sun