Cyber Tour

Miryong Campus
Campus VR
101/ Administrative BuildingVR
111/ Central LibraryVR
112/ Yellow Dragon LibraryVR
121/ 1st Student HallVR
122/ 2nd Student HallVR
124/ Dodream CenterVR
131/ General Education BuildingVR
132/ Start-up Incubation CenterVR
133/ University-Industry Cooperation CenterVR
141/ Building for Joint Experiment and PracticeVR
151/ Digital Technology Information CenterVR
161/ Hwangryong Culture CenterVR
Student Dormitory
Outer Management BuildingVR
Outer Nuri HallVR
Inner Nuri Hall (Bangsilnae)VR
Outer Jigyeong Hall
Inner Jigyeong Hall (Bangsilnae)
Outer Female Student HallVR
Inner Female Student HallVR
183/ Golf Driving RangeVR
184/ Dormitory for Foreign StudentsVR
187/ Tennis Court 1VR
Tennis Court 2VR
188/ Artificial Grass StadiumVR
Sports ComplexVR
191/ Main StadiumVR
194/ GymnasiumVR
195/ Electricity RoomVR
201/ College of HumanitiesVR
301/ College of Arts 1VR
302/ College of Arts 2VR
501/ College of Natural Sciences 1VR
502/ College of Natural Sciences 2VR
503/ College of Natural Sciences 3VR
504/ College of Natural Sciences 4VR
601/ College of Engineering 1VR
602/ College of Engineering 2VR
603/ College of Engineering 3VR
604/ College of Engineering 4VR
605/ College of Engineering 5VR
606/ College of Engineering Attached FactoryVR
607/ Tidal Wave LaboratoryVR
608/ Structure Materials LaboratoryVR
609/ Car Parts Innovation CenterVR
701/ College of Ocean Science 1VR
702/ College of Ocean Science 2VR
703/ Engineering Machine ShopVR
704/ Food Processing Training PlantVR
705/ Flume Tank LaboratoryVR
706/ Fish FarmVR
707/ Marine Life Research Education CenterVR
708/ Marine Safety Training Center
Saemangeum Campus
Campus VR
New Renewable Energy HallVR
Business Research HallVR
Campus HallVR
Innovation CenterVR