Organizational Chart

  • Reviewing Bodies Faculty Meeting
    Academic Affairs Consultation Meeting
    Academic Affairs Council
    University Affairs Council

University Headquarters

Office of Academic Affairs
  • Section of Academic Affairs Office of Education and Innovation
  • Division of Future Education
  • Section of Education and Innovation Support
Office of Student Affairs
  • Section of Student Support
  • Section of Employment Support
  • Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Student Counseling Center
  • Female Student Center
  • Community Service Center
Office of Planning Affairs
  • Division of Digital Education Planning
  • Innovation Performance Management Division
Office of Admission
  • Section of Admission Management
  • Office of Admission Officers
Office of General Affairs
  • Section of General Affairs
  • Section of Financial Affairs
  • Section of Facility Management
Industry-University Cooperation
  • Division of Industry-University Cooperation
  • Division of Research Support
Saemangeum Campus Headquarters
  • Saemangeum Campus Headquarters
External Cooperation Headquarters
  • External Cooperation Headquarters
Faculties Support Headquarters
  • Faculties Support Headquarters


  • Dept. of Korean Language and Literature
  • Dept. of English Language and Literature
  • Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature
  • Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature
  • Dept. of History
  • Dept. of Philosophy
  • Dept. of Finance, Real Estate, and Economics
  • Dept. of International Trade
  • Dept. of International Logistics
  • Dept. of Fine Arts
  • Dept. of Industrial Design
  • Dept. of Music
  • Dept. of Venture Startup
  • Dept. of Teachers Education
  • Dept. of Mathematics
  • Dept. of Biological Science
  • Dept. of Marine Biotechnology
  • Dept. of Marine Biological Resource & Aquaculture
  • Dept. of Aquatic Life Medicine
  • Dept. of Public Service in Ocean & Fisheries
  • School of Food and Bio-sciences l Food Science and Bio-technology Major
  • School of Food and Bio-sciences l Food and Nutrition Major
  • Dept. of Electronic Engineering
  • Dept. of Electrical Engineering
  • Dept. of Civil Engineering
  • Dept. of Environmental Engineering
  • Dept. of New Materials Engineering
  • Dept. of Chemical Engineering
  • Dept. of IT Convergence Telecommunication Engineering
  • Dept. of Shipbuilding Engineering
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dept. of Coastal Construction Engineering
  • Dept. of Ship Engine Engineering
Specialized College
  • College of Law, Public Administration and Police
  • School of Accounting
  • School of Media and Culture
  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Social Welfare
  • School of Child Care
  • Division of Sports and Exercise Science
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Advanced Science and Technology
  • School of Clothing &Textiles
  • School of Maritime Police
  • School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • School of Architectural Engineering
  • School of Space Design Convergence Technology
  • School of Energy and New Industries
  • School of Liberal Studies

Graduate School

Graduate Schools/Graduate School of Special Purposes
  • Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Industry
  • Graduate School of Business Administration
  • Graduate School of Education

Basic Educational Facilities

  • University Library (Section of Academic Information Support)
  • Univeristy Computer Center
  • Student Dormitory
  • Center for Innovation of Future Education
  • Institute of International Affiars and Education
  • Continuing Education Center

Affiliated Organizations

  • University Museum
  • Training Center for Education
  • Training Center for Sports-for-all Instructor
  • University Media
  • Division of University Sports
  • Joint Experiment and Training Laboratory
  • Science-Gifted Education Center
  • University Art Gallery
  • Engineering Education Innovation Center
  • Field Practice Support Center
  • Entrepreneurship Education Center
  • Corporate Support Center
  • University Job Plus Center
  • Affiliated Factory for Engineering Departments
  • Marine Fisheries Practice Center
  • Ship Administration and Maintenance Center
  • Bioethics Center
  • Entrepreneurship Support Group

Research Institutes

  • Humanities Studies Institute
  • Culture and Thoughts Insitute
  • Regional Development Institute
  • Law Institute
  • Basic Science Institute
  • Marine Development Institute
  • Fisheries Science Institute
  • Engineering Institute
  • Information and Communication Technology Institute
  • Environment and Construction Institute
  • Contemporary Art Institute
  • Algae Research Center
  • Saemangeum Environmental Research Center
  • Institute of Advanced Technology Convergence
  • Business Incubation Center
  • Center for Cooperation with Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Saemangeum Development Institution
  • Sports Science Institute
  • Contemporary Music Institute
  • Marine Biology Research and Education Center
  • Wind Technology Research Center
  • Gaya Culture Institute
  • Media Studies Institute
  • Humanities City Center

Organs under the direct control of President

  • Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) Project Group
  • Reserve Officer's Training Corps
  • Program for Industrial needs-Matched Education, (PRIME) Project Group
  • University Human Rights Center

University Corporations/Startup Companies

  • University Development Foundation
  • Univeristy Consumer Cooperative
  • University Startup 3D Pro


  • Faculty Council
  • Female Faculty Meeting