Organizational Chart

  • organ of consultation Faculty
    Office of Educational Affairs
    University Academics Council


Office of Academic Affairs
  • Division of Academic Affairs
  • Office of Educational Affairs Management
Student, Recruitment Support Office
  • Student Support Department
  • Employment, Incubation Support Department
Office of Planning
  • Section of Planning and Evaluation
  • Division of International Cooperation
  • General Affairs Division
  • Marine Research Institute
  • Division of Finance
  • Division of Facilities
Business & Academic Cooperation Division
  • Business & Academic Cooperation Team
Saemangeum Campus Headquarters
  • Administrative Support Team
Admission Management Headquarters
  • Admission Management Department

Colleges / Graduate Schools

  • College of Humanities
  • College of Arts
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Ocean Science and Technology
  • College of Business Academic Convergence Engineering
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Industry
  • Graduate School of Business and Public Administration
  • Graduate School of Education

Basic Education Facilities / Supporting Facilities

  • University Library
  • Information and Computer Center
  • Student Dormitory
  • Liberal Education Center
  • International Exchange Center
  • Education Development Center
  • Lifelong Education Center

Attached Organizations

  • University Museum
  • Education Training Center
  • Sports Leaders Academy
  • University Media Services
  • Athletics Center
  • Center for Joint Research and Practice
  • Science Education Institute for the Gifted
  • Disabled Students Help Center
  • University Gallery
  • College of Engineering Attached Factory
  • College of Engineering Education Innovation Center
  • On-The-Job Training Support Center
  • Start-up Incubation Education Center
  • Business Support Center
  • Ocean Fisheries Training Center of College of Ocean Science & Engineering
  • Ship Training Operation Center of College of Ocean Science & Engineering
  • Marine Life Research Education Center of College of Ocean Science & Engineering

Research Institutes and Centers

  • Institute of Human Studies
  • Institute of Culture and Ideology
  • Institute of Regional Development
  • Institute of Legal Research
  • Institute of Basic Science
  • Marine Development Research Center
  • Institute of Fisheries Science
  • Institute of Engineering Research
  • Institute of Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Research Center for Environment and Construction
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Green Tide Red Tide Research Center
  • Saemangeum Environmental Research Center
  • Technology Innovation Center
  • Business Incubation Center
  • SME Business Academic Cooperation Center
  • Saemangeum Integrated Development Research Institute
  • Sports Science Research Institute
  • Wind Power Technology Research Institute

University Presidential Organization

  • Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) Incubation Project Team
  • Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (R.O.T.C.)

Educational Foundation / University Business Enterprise

  • KNU Development Support Foundation
  • KNU Consumers Living Cooperative Association
  • 3D Pro