Institue of Int'l Affairs & Lang. Education


We do our utmost best to open our doors to all international exchange participants, from exchange students to foreign students and scholars, to join discussions and help them to adapt to new environments.
We provide all participants in various academic exchanges interesting and useful opportunities by strengthening cooperation and building genuine partnerships with prestigious universities around the world.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Signing international agreements on academic exchange and promoting exchange and cooperation programs
  • Mutual visit with sisterhood universities and protocol for delegations
  • Sending and inviting exchange students
  • Sending and inviting double major students
  • Overseas language training programs
  • Admission and immigration procedures for Koreans living abroad /foreign students
  • Providing scholarships to foreign students
  • Providing education-related guidance and consulting to foreign students
  • Promoting and guiding scholarship programs provided by foreign governments and domestic organizations of international exchanges