Student Dormitory

No. of residents (unit: person)
Student Dormitory
Male students Female students Total
Freshman Enrolled students Freshman Enrolled students  
637 447 321 215 1,620
Residence duration
Depending on the opening period of each academic year
Freshmen or enrolled students of the university (including expected returning students), excellent grades at the entrance examination or excellent grades, well-behaved without any disqualifications and foreign students (including training programs)
Candidates with priority
  • A. Offspring of patriots and veterans (documentary evidence required)
  • B. Two children or more from the same family (documentary evidence required)
  • C. Those who hold a disability certificate issued by a city mayor, county mayor or district mayor among the disabled as applicable to the attached Table 1 of the Enforcement Decree of the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act and who are permitted by the head of the dormitory.
  • D. Foreign students
  • E. Student head of dormitory, Student vice head of dormitory, member of student council (tenure of 1 year or more)
  • F. Student athlete recommended by the head of Physical Education Department
  • A. Infectious illness and carrier
  • B. Students who were expelled within the last 1 year
  • C. Students who were penalized with academic probation or more within the last 1 year
  • D. Students who are evaluated as being unsuited for group life on campus
  • E. Students with a GPA under 2.75 for the previous semester
  • F. Residents of Gunsan-si; the disabled and residents in remote areas are excluded
Screening standards and methods (enrolled students)
  • A. Enrolled students: academic scores of the previous semester, work experience of the previous academic year and penalty points of the dormitory ground rules are calculated and students will be selected from higher points.
  • B. Freshman: according to the entrance examination score
The final list to be posted on the university website.
Students whose address has changed should notify the total service center for correction before entering the dormitory; the final list is not notified individually.